Rustic Home Decor - Rustic Style & Simplicity

Your Rustic Home and the colors you choose will help you create a unique atmosphere that compliments your home furnishings.

Rustic style decor can best be describes as handmade, simplicity, farmhouse, authentic materials, vintage accessories and distressed wooden furniture.

The rustic interior design is bright and airy with open shelves, beamed ceilings, tall doors, area rugs, and ample windows to welcome the light..

A comfortable homey atmosphere accompanied by small print patterns, roosters, fruit, floral, and vintage antiquities. Adding Mediterranean colors: cornflower blue, sunflower yellow, red poppy, terra cotta and natural greens, you are building a decor foundation harmonious it's accessories.

Decorating Textures & Fabrics

rustic style living room

Professional decorators have great fun inventing the color schemes for rooms and one of their favorite "tricks" is to take a lovely vase, picture, rug or perhaps a chair and "build up" the color scheme.

Which means they take the color of the chosen object and let that count as the dominating color and shade of color. Everything else in the room is made to harmonize with it.

Rustic home decor brings together natural elements: autumn leaves, sandy beaches and seashells, and approaching thunderclouds at sunset. Tame strong color by adding lots of browns, silver, gold, creams and beiges. The earth-tone palette is great for rustic decor and includes browns, greens, tans, reds and grays.

traditional bedroom with red rug

Weathered Accessories

Distressed wooden walls are the perfect backdrop to display shelving for antiquities. Focal points are created by the use of wall-mounted cup-holders, antique cupboards, pantries and floral designs and patterns seen in table linen, curtains and wall art.

Rustic home decor can draw upon mixed styles of home decorating. Country, Traditional, Cottage, French Country and Shabby Chic styles are very similar to one another.

Mixing decor styles can have a very visually pleasing effect. Take Shabby Chic as an example of clean white modern style decor, mixed with vintage antiques, weathered furniture, color framed art, chandeliers and warm colors of yellows, light blues and pink.

When decorating any room in the rustic style, experiment by mixing and matching styles that are complimentary of each other. You will be amazed at the results!