Country Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Style & Comfort

There's nothing more comfy and cozy than a Country Bedroom, where making use of hardwood floors accented by a beautiful floral area rug, will set the tone for your bedroom decor.

The country style bedroom lends itself to being open and airy, with plenty of sunshine.

Double French doors opening onto a garden patio further enhances your country style bedroom decor.

Bedroom accessories include wicker furniture, antique furniture, rustic, wooden furniture such as, oak, pine, cherry and walnut etc.

When decorated correctly your room should feel like a place of solitude, it should give you a feeling of restfulness and peace.

Beautiful Country Style Bedrooms

wood bed frame with country bedding

Paint the walls and add a country-style wallpaper which will add a special touch. Some very nice paint colors would be navy, hunter, or red. Or you can simply make use of natural wood, thus creating a more rustic country decor.

To enhance your country style bedrooms decor, use traditional-style lighting. This type can be one that mimics a kerosene lamp, or a lamp that has a base that's simple wrought-iron, antique brass or copper.

Keep window treatments simple. Shutters or shades are great for windows, while giving you extra privacy. However, if you are fortunate enough to live in the country or have a private setting in which you feel secure, make use of a beautiful natural framed window to enjoy the sunlight and moonlight.

Your bedroom is not just for sleeping, it should be a cozy soothing retreat for you to relax in. Add country style bedroom flair by choosing an antique wooden four-poster bed, a brass or iron bedstead any one of which will work great.

Easily add texture with a charming country decor comforter, quilt, a dust ruffle, toss floral pillows and pillow shams.


home lake bedding by ralph lauren
laura bedding

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For the floors, my first choice is real hardwood, but there are many choices of flooring available, carpet, laminate, brick, stone, or slate all work well for the country bedroom theme. Floral area rugs could be placed on each side of the bed to further enhance the country style bedroom. Hooked and braided rugs fit the country theme nicely. Fresh flowers and hanging plants also give an added feel of the outdoors to the decor.

Give interest to the room through texture, introduce wicker baskets, or a blanket chest to store quilts or other items in. Add shelves to display candles, old family pictures in wood frames, fresh flowers, plus a rustic quilt ladder to display your handmade quilts. Pick up some magazines and spend time looking at country bedroom photos. Decorating ideas will flow from the pages.

Related Country Bedroom Decor

country bedroom comforter

Country Style Bedding

Using floral prints with earthy color combinations such as rust browns, light yellows, shades of red and greens go hand in hand in creating the perfect look for your country style bedding.

This beautiful white wood frame four-poster bed is beautifully accented by the use of matching accent pillow cases and handmade Country Quilt.

The open windows allow natural light and nature to work it's magic in creating a perfect blend to this country style bedroom.

When it comes to country style curtains, gingham and lace simply can't be beat in their reflective country style. Simple, eloquent and complimentary to your country style bedroom. The perfect compliment to any bedroom window.

Don't feel as if you have to totally redesign your room. A stylish country bedroom decor can easily be achieved one decorative accessory at a time.