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Americana Decorating Ideas

Americana Decorating Ideas


More and more families are choosing Americana Decorating Ideas as a way to decorate their homes. You can add as much or as little to your home as you like.

You can find lots of great deals for your Americana decorating ideas at estate sales, antique stores and thrift shops. These are great places to find furniture, rugs, curtains and other accessories.

Below you will find some useful Americana Decorating ideas whether you want to decorate one room or your whole house.

I personally prefer painting the walls white and adding red, white and blue accessories. Another idea is to paint 3 of your walls in white and one accent wall in red or blue, then add red, white and blue accessories. Wall border with a patriotic theme is also very popular.

patriotic americana decorating ideas flag wall hanging

Wood flooring with the addition of coordinating braided rugs works perfectly to tie the look together for this type decor.

Give interest to the room through texture

  • introduce wicker baskets
  • dried flowers
  • antique milk cans
  • barn stars
  • blanket chest to store quilts or other items.

Add shelves to display

  • candles
  • roosters
  • eagles
  • plaques with verses
  • vintage signs
  • dried flowers
  • tin stars
  • stackable wooden boxes
  • quilt ladder to display your handmade Americana quilts.

Artwork is another way to add Americana decor. Look for folk art prints in scenes depicting country life, such as..

  • a general store
  • barns
  • farms
  •  farm equipment
  • antique flags
  • vintage signs
  • plaques with verses

Materials used for curtains are often muslin and denim in plaids or stripes. Gingham also works well with this style. The style of your curtains can range from fishtail swags, panels, valances and/or tiers. Another easy choice, that works well, is shades with valances.

There are many shades of red and blue so when you are shopping for accessories, it’s a good idea, to have a sample of your color choices, this makes it much easier to match your colors.