Southern Recipes and Good Country Cooking Ideas

Give me more recipes please! There's not a day that goes by when someone in my house isn't asking me "what are we having for supper?"

Sometimes it really tries my patience. So I'm always on the hunt for new ideas.

It really can become quite a task to come up with something to cook that everyone in my household can agree on. So, from meal to meal, it's best not to ask them and just let it be a surprise.

With that in mind and thinking of other busy moms and homebuilders I've put together an extensive list of my  Southern Cooking Recipes that I hope you will enjoy.

My favorites kinds of cooking are listed below and the remainder of my Southern recipes and cooking tips can be found in the right sidebar category list.

country-breakfastBreakfast Recipes

Eating a good breakfast makes the difference between a day full of energy and being hungry before lunch.

home-made-breadBread Recipes

Just to name them stimulates my appetite. Hot feathery rolls, buttered biscuits and delicious muffins

Cornbread RecipesCorn Bread Recipes

Southern cornbread it's soft and moist on the inside with a deep golden brown crust on the outside

bannana-nut-breadFruit Bread Recipes

Fruit, nut and vegetable breads. Welcome your family home with the wonderful aroma of bread baking.

hamburger-steakGround Beef Recipes

Ground beef recipes for one dish meals such as spaghetti, lasagna, tamales, casseroles and chilli

beef-stewBeef Recipes

The wonderful savoriness of beef. Recipes for goulash, pepper steak, chuck roast, pot roast and more

grilled-chickenChicken Recipes

Easy to cook chicken recipes, from dumplings and pot pie to southern fried and Cacciatore.

homefried-pork-chopsPork Recipes

Recipes for pork, including pork steaks, spareribs & tenderloin. There's nothing like Pork Chops

Seafood RecipesSeafood Recipes

Delicious boiled lobster, shrimp and fried oysters, or how about southern fried catfish or crappie

10 Steps To Nutritious Meals Using My Southern Recipes

The good news is; sitting down with your family for a nutritious meal isn't a dream. Our 10 Step Guide outlines the basic framework for healthy eating.

Remember To Plan Your Meals

Make out weekly menus so you know exactly what you're having each night and refer to the food pyramid to ensure your family is getting a balanced diet.

This not only cuts down on the confusion of "what's for supper" but will save money at the grocery store vs day to day food buying.

And try to simplify your meals - One pot saves a lot

There's really no need to trouble over cooking 5-course meals. Look for recipes for single dish meals or simply serve meals using just one or two main ingredients, three at the most.