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Country Kitchen Design and the Rustic Country Kitchen

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Country Kitchen Design and the Rustic Country Kitchen

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Little touches can make a huge impact in your country kitchen design and one of the least expensive ways to enhance your country kitchen decor is to display your treasures.

Build shelves all around your ceiling wall. It can be a little difficult to dust but a little dust won’t hurt anythiLibraryng it just adds to the vintage country look.

Hanging pot racks add just the perfect rustic touch while giving you a perfect way to show off your pots and pans. The possibilities in a country kitchen are endless.

  • a pot of flowers on the window-sill
  • fruits or vegetables baskets
  • window box filled with herbs
  • braided, hooked or rag rugs
  • copper pots or cookbooks
  • pottery and vases
  • checked gingham curtains
  • butcher block or tables
  • plate, pot racks, peg racks
  • Calico, checks, plaid fabrics

These simple additions add charm and cheerfulness to your country kitchen design.

I love this custom kitchen by master craftsman Scott Reed. The colonial style timber frame perfectly incloses the custom cabinetry and granite countertops. If you have an idea for a custom creation for your home, you can contact Scott through CustomMade by Scott Reedcustom kitchen

 Lighting, Flooring, Cabinets & Windows

rustic country kitchenLighting is very important. Lighting essentials for a kitchen should include good general, or ambient lighting, plus task lighting at work areas, such as, the stove, sink, islands and countertops

  • A centrally located ceiling fixture will provide enough ambient light for a normal size kitchen.
  • Sink, stove and countertops need task lighting.
  • To light an island or dining area, consider using a chandelier or hanging pendant.
  • Put lighting fixtures on individual switches so that you lighting needs can be varied to suit the time of day or the task.
  • Before remodeling, consult your contractor designer, or a lighting consultant for kitchen lighting ideas to suit your decor.

 Kitchen/Dining Room Bakers Rack

wrought iron bakers rackwrought iron and wood bakers rackBakers Rack holds seven wine bottles

Baker racks are the perfect compliment to any kitchen or dining room. Ideal for displaying your collectibles and other knick-knacks.

Kitchen floors take a beating. They must withstand more traffic than most other rooms in the house, plus the spill and scrubbing that go with cooking. But if durability is a major consideration in selecting a kitchen floor, so is your country kitchen design for floors, because the options in kitchen flooring also are greater than any other room.

  • Wood Floors – Usually oak or pine make an attractive floor that will blend with wood floors in the rest of the house.
  • Ceramic Tile – Offers a durable waterproof, easy to clean floor with great variety.
  • Bricks – are another durable flooring material. They can be laid in many beautiful patterns.
  • Resilient Flooring – is one of the most popular types used in the kitchen. Though inexpensive, the thin material, in either sheets or tiles, is easy to install and is durable enough to withstand kitchen wear.
  • Rubber Tile – is also soft and durable, but more expensive than tile, and they give the kitchen a high-tech look.

 Cabinets, cupboards and pantries are all very important in a kitchen

Plenty of attention should be given to their layout, material and color. Also don’t forget your kitchen cabinet hardware, latches, knobs and drawer pulls are easily found in most design themes.

If you are tired of not having enough storage space in your kitchen there’s a wide variety of kitchen cabinets and pantries to choose from.

You can find cabinets and pantries with built in roll out trays, bread drawers, tiered shelves, wine storage and many more options to keep your kitchen goods organized and easy to find or you can have your cabinets custom made. Glass cabinet doors are wonderful for displaying collectibles.

Kitchen Curtains which accent the country kitchen design, can range from charming tier curtains, single point valances, layered valances, swag curtains, gingham & lace and sheer curtains.

Gathered on a decorative rod, curtains that pick up your accent colors will give your window a finished country decor look. Blinds, shutters and shades also work well for kitchen windows.

The american country style kitchen is one of the most valued rooms in your home. Not only for comfort and convenience of the homeowners, but to the prospective buyer, should you ever decide to sell your home.

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