Christmas Fireplace Decorating

Christmas fireplace decorating, just isn't complete, without hanging stockings from the mantle, with evergreen branches laid atop, a grouping of small to medium sized pinecones, and to finish it off candles placed on both ends of the mantle.

If you have a fireplace, but aren't planning on lighting a fire, consider hanging a rustic christmas quilt to the front of the fireplace.

The mantle seen below is warm and inviting with lots of candles and greenery, plus the holly berry wreath, just brings it all together.fireplace mantle decorated with candles

Another great country idea is to add different sizes and shapes of candles, pinecones, tin buckets and lots of greenery inside the fireplace.

To add warmth and holiday cheer, to your mantle, string lights across and hanging down from mantle, frame your favorite christmas cards, to display on top of mantle and you can finish off this look by adding, your collection of snowflakes, angles, stars, santa figurines, a nativity scene or whatever christmas collection you may have.

Always try to decorate the mantle and hearth using odd numbers, such as, one poinsettia at the hearth, this adds a classic holiday touch; but by adding three or more poinsettias staggered around the fireplace hearth you will be making a statement.