Patio Privacy Screen - Patio & Deck Privacy

Do you dread sitting on your patio or deck because you have nosey neighbors? Well, your worries are over with an easy set up and moveable patio privacy screen...

I'm not trying to be rude or unfriendly...but I used to always peep to see if my neighbors are sitting on their patio. If so, I would wait for them to go inside. That is, until I finally broke down and bought a couple of privacy screens.

I really don't have to worry with moving my screens, as I have them placed perfectly for optimum privacy. Now I can enjoy sitting on my patio and not feel like my every move is being watched.

Below you'll find several different patio/deck privacy screens that are the perfect solution for the not so private patio.

Island Privacy Screens

wood patio set with thick colorful cushions

For those who don't have a tall wooden fence or shrubs to ensure you're privacy...

Outdoor Contemporary Privacy Screen

outdoor contemporary privacy screen

Traditional Privacy Screen

outdoor traditional privacy screen

Resin Wicker Privacy Screen

resin wicker patio screen

Teak Privacy Screen

resin wicker patio screen

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