Deck Maintenance Guide

You will need to apply a surface finish, soon after construction to prevent surface degradation. To help capture and maintain the beauty of the wood use semi-transparent stains and water-repellent preservatives.

A deck built with western red cedar is known for its durability, making it the perfect wood for all outdoor uses, including, furniture, sheds and fences.

It is unmatched in it's exterior use, because of its resistance to the elements, natural preservative oils, stability and great surface for staining.

This type cedar is quite versatile and accepts a variety of stains to create the particular look the homeowner wants.

Deck Maintenance

red cedar deck with bench

Pot & Planters

Setting pots and planters directly on any wood surface will cause staining. With the drain holes in the base of potted plants, when moisture runs off it isn't able to evaporate between the planter and the deck.

To solve this problem you can create space between the deck and planters, place planters onto 2 x 2 cedar. The natural compound in cedar forms a resistance to rot, decay and deterioration and the extra space created by the cedar will allow moisture to evaporate. Adding cedar stand-offs underneath other large objects like benches, storage boxes and umbrella stands will also go a long way to keeping your surface healthy.