Cauliflower - Delicate Flavor

Cauliflower is a little more difficult to grow than cabbage, but is more delicately flavored and generally considered superior to cabbage.

garden grown cauliflower

Cultural methods are similar to those for cabbage. But it will not stand quite as much cold or heat. The spring crop must be set early enough for it to head before hot weather.

Sow seed in hotbeds in December or January, and later transplant to coldframes. Plants may also be bought from growers in the Lower South or local plant growers. Set plants in the open at time cabbage plants are set.

Edible portion of cauliflower is the flower head which forms in the center. As soon as this head is about the size of a teacup, pull the leaves over it and tie together to keep out light. This keeps the head or "curd" white. Usually the head will be ready for use in a week to 10 days after leaves are tied up.

For a fall crop, sow seed in rows in July or early August, where they are to remain. Thin to one plant per hill after they are well established. The fall crop is often difficult to grow except where water is available for irrigation, since it must be started early enough to mature before hard cold.