Radish - Tasty Treat

Although not especially valuable for food, the radish is quite tasty in early spring.

Plant about the time corn is planted, and when planted alone, space 8 to 10 feet apart each way. Give pumpkins about the same fertilizer as squash. They are also subject to the same insects and diseases.It can be grown in 18 to 30 days. For a succession, make a planting every 10 days from February or March to April or May.

Late plantings are usually not desirable, for in hot weather they become strong and stringy. Fall plantings can be made after weather is cooler.

A rich soil is needed. Seed may be sowed broadcast if soil is quite rich, but the row method is probably best. Sow seed thinly in the drill, 12 to 18 seed per foot, and no thinning will be needed.

The so-called winter radishes are planted in the fall, about 30 days before first frost is due. They grow more slowly than spring varieties, and will stand much cold.