Broccoli Growing Tips - Vegetable Growing Guide

Broccoli is one of those vegetable that we just love fresh from the garden...."

broccoli growing in the garden

Broccoli is a very excellent vegetable, belonging to the same family of plants as cabbage collards, and brussels sprouts, and grown in the same way.

It is a cool-weather plant, doing best when brought to maturity in late fall to early winter, and in early spring.

For the spring crop, buy plants grow them in hotbed or a cold-frame. Set in the open when cabbage is ordinarily set.

Drill seed for the fall crop during July or August. Thin to one plant for each 18 to 24 inches, or grow plants in beds and transplant.

Rows should be 3 to 4 feet wide. Cultivate, fertilize, and otherwise handle in the same general way as cabbage. Abundant fertilizer and nitrogen side-dressing will pay dividends with broccoli.

The edible portion of broccoli is the cluster of green flower buds. When these are well formed, but before flower buds start to open, cut them out for use. Then side sprouts will grow out, thus giving a supply over a long period of time.