Artichoke Growing

Jerusalam artichokes and Globe artichokes are two popular popular choices when growing artichokes

growing artichike

Globe, grown for immature flower buds; and Jerusalem, for its underground tubers. Globe artichokes can be grown from either seed or suckers. Sow seed in hotbeds or coldframes four to six weeks before time to set.

Transplant in the garden when danger of frost has passed. One planting will usually last about four years. Set plants or suckers 4 feet apart each way. Artichoke is a heavy feeder and needs rich soil and much fertilizer.

Prepare ground the same as for Irish potatoes. Plant whole tuber, if small in size. If large cut in blocks weighing about 2 ounces (about size of a hen egg). Plant 2 apart in rows 3 feet wide, covering 4 inches deep.

Do this as early in spring as soil can be worked. Dig tubes soon as frost kills the tops, or let them remain in ground until wanted. Freezing will not hurt them. Remember, artichoke may become troublesome in the garden as a weed.