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The most popular kitchen backsplash materials are ceramic tile, solid stone, stamped metal and plastic. The obvious use of tiles is in wet areas behind sinks, basins and stove tops creating beautiful images in your kitchen.

You will be able to produce interesting effects by using plain colors with borders, by mixing patterned tiles or randomly among plain ceramic tile to make up a complete mural.

When it comes to backsplash design, the possibilities are endless.

The handyman or woman can easily create and install their own design. The more intricate designs may call for an expert installer.

Handmade tiles cost more, but their colors and texture have attractive slight variations that will give your walls greater depth.

 Backsplash – Design & Shape

green ceramic tile backsplash

  • Plastic laminates are tough, durable and heat-resistant, and can also be used, although they are inclined to give your room a hygienic look.
  • Choosing tiles can be a real problem because there are literally thousands available. The first step is deciding whether you would like plain or patterned, small or large, handmade or machine-made tiles, and then decide on specific colors and designs.
  • Make the most of the lucid colors that glaze gives to tiles. If you are simply after neutral colors, a plastic laminate wall covering may better serve your purpose.
  • Metallic tiles are heatproof, so their most obvious use is behind the stove in the kitchen. They are washable but will show up any splash marks. Ionized copper plates have a unique look. The design will vary from plate to plate giving each a one of a kind look.
  • Ceramic Kitchen Tiles – Shapes… The two basic aspects to consider when choosing ceramic tiles for your backsplash are their shape and design.
  • Ceramic wall tiles consist of slabs of clay decorated on front with a colored glaze. They are durable, heat-stain resistant and water-resistant surfaces. Bear in mind that square and rectangular ceramic tiles are easier and cheaper to lay.

 Kitchen Backsplash – Shapes – Color & Patterns

kitchen backsplash design

  • Plain ceramic tiles have an endless selection of wonderful, clear colors. The solid color of most plain tiles is created by a glaze or by natural clays that lend their own color to the tile..(terra cotta) for example.
  • Patterned tiles take their inspiration from eras and parts of the world, having straight or diagonal stripes, checkerboard design, squares and shaded squares, floral motifs and patterns, dots, diamonds, and checks are all available.
  • Figurative tiles may consist of small floral or other motifs taken from nature, while Mexican style tiles have a naive simplicity and bright colors.
  • Dutch ceramic tiles designs are often blue and white and may depict children playing, ships at sea or other simple motifs.
  • French style ceramic tiles are also often blue and white, with hand-drawn floral or geometric shapes, or tiny pictures within a circle.
  • Mural tiles are available as ready-manufactured sets or are designed to order and can depict anything from flowers and trees, animals, or an elaborate picture over a whole wall.
  • Last but not least, mosaic tiles are tiny in size and are usually shipped on a backing so that a larger tile-shaped group can be hung as one piece.

If you are wanting to spruce up your kitchen and on a limited budget, you can easily add a simple backsplash behind your stovetop. Something as simple as a sheet of oxidized copper is easily installed and looks fantastic.

If you are wanting to spruce up your kitchen and on a limited budget, you can easily add a simple backsplash behind your stovetop. Something as simple as a sheet of oxidized copper is easily installed and looks fantastic. Simply measure the area you wish to cover

Adding a simple mosaic wall tile behind your stovetop can be easily done in a day. The larger square patterns are very easy to install. The small mosaic pieces will take quite a bit more time.

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