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French Country Dining Room – Classy & Eloquent

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With A French Country Dining Room you gain a warm style that creates a comfortable and homey atmosphere that tends to use earthy elements with rustic charm.

While the look can vary widely, there are certain characteristics that are common to the style. Sleek, uncluttered with an air of nobility.

First, paint and accessories are typically on the bright side, like fiery red, ocean blue, cyan blue, cornflower blue, salmon pink or mustard, pale yellow. Dark grays and blacks make good colors for accessories. Hang oil paintings, antique clocks, wrought iron sconces and decorative plates.

French Country Dining Room Furniture is normally thought of as being rustic, typically made of raw wood with curved panels and hand carved details.

 French Country Dining Room Design

dark wood french country dining area

  • Wood tables with antique white finish and wrought iron tables and old whitewashed, mismatched chairs are also widely used.
  • A French Country Dining Room is gorgeous with armoires, open hutches and shelving in the dining room which allows you to display earthenware, stoneware or pewter pieces, needlepoints, lavender or sunflower bouquets, bowls of fruit such as, grapes, copper vases, wooden containers and porcelain pots, jugs and bowls.
  • For windows, a beautiful choice is soft flowing drapes topped with floral valances, or lace panel curtains. Another choice for windows that don’t require absolute privacy is using old weathered shutters hung around the inside of windows.
  • Wood floors are very popular with French Country, but brick, terra cotta, red clay and stone also work very well add wool or jute rugs for texture.
  • Perfect lighting can be achieved by using a wrought-iron chandeliers, pendant lighting, lanterns and lamps with pleated shades.

Layer prints, patterns, color and texture by using Toile cushions and rich fabrics fabrics tend to have an all-over pattern with an old fashioned look …

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