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Welcome to our Country Decor Store. Our country home furniture and accessories have been hand-picked for their quality and unique decor style that embodies a rustic, country flair in home decor.

More than often it only takes one unique piece of furniture to bring new life to any room.

Traditional, Rustic and Shaker home furnishings give any room that retro style that is not only very popular but makes for a great conversation piece.

kitchen conestoga cupboard

Kitchen Cupboard

kitchen island

pine bookcase in a country living room

If new kitchen accessories are not an option. Another option for updating your kitchen is to refinish the surface yourself. If you are satisfied with your existing layout, refinishing is a lot easier than you may think.

First, you'll want to take the doors off and the drawers out. Removing pulls, knobs and hinges. The doors and drawers can be sanded or stripped of old paint. Once this is done you will want to use a wood stain that matches or compliments your floor, walls or countertop surfaces.

Many types of wood, including maple, oak, pine, cherry, hickory, walnut and birch are excellent choices for kitchens.

slightly distressed shaker wall shelf

pine bench

wicker planter box Thank you for visiting our Country Decor Store. Check back often, as we will be adding many more country decor store items in the near future.