Shabby Chic Living Room

The idea of shabby chic furnishings is that they look, "well a bit shabby," so shop thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales for vintage furnishings, such as coffee tables, end tables, side tables, plant stands, wood shelves and many other decorative accessories.

Focus should be on items that are simple, timeworn and weathered and used lovingly in years past, these shouldn't be perfect, furniture may be slightly scuffed, it could have peeling paint, or the fabric may be slightly faded or wrinkled.

The stunningly classy all white living room pictured below, has added texture through the use of the taupe throw, multi patterned throw pillows and the large plant in the corner. The painting and the white iron chandeilier also add depth, but they are also the perfect added touch to this room.

shabby chic living room

The most popular windows treatments for a shabby chic living room, range from light airy curtains or valances with a floral print to shutters that are hung inside the room and that open and close.

Popular lighting for the living room is crystal chandeliers, white iron, floor lamps and table lamps with vintage lamp shades. Vintage wall sconces and candles in swirly candlesticks are also gorgeous in this decor theme.

Shabby Chic Focal Points

There are varying degrees of shabby chic decor and a variety of mixed decor styles associated with chic shabby..

White wicker or other styles of oversized sofas and chairs are the ideal Living Room furniture, but any type neutral or faded furniture will work. If new furniture isn't in the budget, slipcovers make the perfect solution and are somewhat expected in shabby chic decor. This is also a great way to add depth to the room by using a variety of fabrics.

Shabby Chic Colors

Choose paint and accessories for the shabby chic living room in colors, such as, creamy off whites, pastel blues, soft yellows, pinks, roses and greens. Incorporate these colors through the use of paint, slipcovers, rugs and other decorative accessories.

While you're out shopping keep your eyes peeled for wall sconces, antique mirrors, and art prints. Great art prints for this room can be found in floral, cottage and coastal motifs and look gorgeous in shabby chic rooms.


The ideal flooring is wood with chenille rugs. Naturally we don't all have the luxury of changing our current flooring, so make use of the flooring you have, by adding rugs, any thing with a floral pattern (especially roses), chenille also works great in shabby chic living room.

If you are leaning to a more primitive shabby chick style, hardwood floors are the perfect compliment. Distressed wood flooring blends well with distressed furniture accented by customary shabby chic colors.