Fun Nursery Decorating

Let your imagination guide you to the perfect theme for your little bundle of joy. Infants need stimulation to thrive, they need a safe environment and they also need a soothing space to relax in

A fun, flexible theme is to decorate it in whimsical patterns. Try painting yellow or green stripes on the walls. Then hang bold pictures of kittens and puppies in bright red or blue frames on the walls.

Use the same style to paint a toy chest and apply stickers or using stencils, against a colorful painted background.

There are all types and colors for bedroom furniture, you will have to decide what type fits your babies personality.

Nursery Colors & Fabrics

baby crib with patchwork bedding

Use bright colors such as pink and green on accessory pieces, and then choose white for the walls, ceiling, and lamps.

Paint with bright, bold colors in places that will capture your baby's attention, and mix them with different patterns and fabrics. Try fabrics such as terry cloth, plaids, polka dots, and candy cane stripes.

Paint the walls vanilla to keep the room centered and calm. You could also wallpaper one entire wall with a bold print like apples. Then hang a sheer white-on-white polka dot draping from the ceiling that flows around the crib. You can also add a small square above the crib with the same apple print painted or papered on it.

Playhouse Theme

white nursery with large colorful block rug

This theme works well for both boys and girls, and also gives them a great place to play as they grow older. Use a border with apartment building or houses printed on it.

You can find a variety of whimsical playtown dressers with cars, buildings and clouds painted on them. Top it with a taxicab clock and a lamp that has a wooden base shaped like an apartment building . You could also paint a mural of a street scene on one wall and use your family member's names on the signs above stores.

Try the Lion king, Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Superman, Aladdin, Snoopy, or Cinderella. How about knights, princesses, castles, cowboys, and Peter Pan?

You'll have no problem finding lamps, rocking chairs, and bedding and other accessories with these characters.

Animals are also a great choice for a theme, such as goldfish, bugs, and frogs. Buy a table and chair set painted with ladybugs, caterpillars, butterflies and snails.

You can choose furniture with bold patterns and colors, such as yellow chunky ball feet on tables, and chairs with polka dots decorating red table and chair legs.

Whichever theme you decide on, choose a design that is appropriate for an infant and a toddler. Use stain-repellant area rugs that can be replaced when you want to update the design.

The most important factor in choosing a nursery theme is to make sure it's comfortable and safe for your baby. Then consider all the activities that the room will be used for and go from there.

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