Bedroom Decorating - The Essentials

Decorating ideas for the bedroom are endless. Color combinations of virgin white, brown and blue, rustic, earth tones, country cottage and primitive designs all work in unison.

Interior design - Color, lighting, floor covering, walls, drapes, bedspread and upholstery are key ingredients in bedroom decorating.

Using floral prints with earthy color combinations such as rust browns, light yellows, shades of red and greens go hand in hand in creating the perfect look for your country style bedding.

Consider using Chenille bedding - You can combine new chenille bedding with vintage and thats perfectly acceptable. The soft texture adds to the charm and warmth you look for in a little girls room.

Bedroom Design

beautiful green bedroom

Don't smother your imagination when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Who would have ever thought that a green bedroom could be so beautiful. The striped curtains and bed accessories with hint's of pinks and reds work fabulous together.

The Beauty Of Quilts - A quilt is more than something to cover your bed with and a quilt crafted by hand is cherished even more because of all the hard (but enjoyable) work that went into making it.

Sheets - Perfect Sheets For Your Bed - You spend at least one third of you life sleeping. So make the most of those hours and sleep in a comfortable and eye appealing bed

Bedroom Carpet - Carpet adds a layer of warmth and comfort to bedrooms. Many people choose carpet for bedrooms because it is cheaper than hardwood, it's durable and there are many colors and textures to choose from.

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