Decorating A Boy's Bedroom

So your baby boy has outgrown the nursery and you are looking for decorating ideas for boys room.

Let your little boy express his opinion when you are decorating his room, after all this should be his own little space in the world. His room should be a space where he can play and let his imagination run wild.

It should be a space where he can let his imagination take him anywhere. Maybe his imagination will take him on an animal safari, or to outer space, or maybe he will dream of pirates and treasures.

Try to choose furniture the child can use well past the teen age years. After you and your child have picked a theme, choose paint colors to match the theme.

boys bedroom trucks

Boys Room Decor

You can simply pull a color from the bedding and choose a paint color that way. It's always a good practice to pick up a few paint samples and try living with them a couple days, before making a final decision.

Often your bedding will come complete with window treatments, but if not, boys curtains can include panels, shades, blinds or shutters. They will all work fine in a boys room.

Lighting for this room is also easy. You will need a ceiling fixture for overall lighting in the room, plus lamps and night lights. Both are fairly easy to find for most themes, but if you can't find one in your theme you can certainly find one in your color scheme.

Room Accessories

You can make a dramatic change by just adding splashes of color and texture. Add throws and accent pillows to bedding. Shelves, bookcases and other storage options are important in any child's room. Hang art on the wall. Add accent rugs for quick impact.

Enjoy spending this time decorating your little boy's room. Explore their creative side by creating bulletin boards, artwork, and other decor crafts together.

These are just a few of the many tips and ideas to incorporate when beginning your decorating adventure. I'm sure you will come up with plenty decorating ideas of your own. Make sure you remember them for the next time.

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