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Landscaping Your Lawn | Practical Landscape Ideas For Your Home

Landscaping depends on personal taste. Some prefer a natural look in outdoor areas and gardens. beautiful cottage Others prefer stone walkways or paths, beautiful hedges, planting and lovely flowers that border their surroundings.


Take care to put in as much thought and planning into the areas surrounding your home as you put into the decor inside your home.

A garden and driveway are usually the first impressions a visitor has of your home. They should always be as well cared for as your home itself.

Zoning regulations can be obtained from your city or community zoning department. Make this the first step, many zoning laws place limitations on the height of shrubs, trees and other foliage. Corner lots and a homes location on the property often vary in these respects.

Landscape Design & Planning

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The cost fluctuates with each house, same as the planning. The location of the house on the property, the shape, size and how elaborate the area is for shrubs, trees, flower gardens and lawn are the contributing factors. The large, more detailed garden will naturally cost more than a smaller flower garden area. This also depends on whether you hire a landscaper or do the work yourself.

  • Privacy – Carefully planted trees, bushes and shrubs can serve as screens from neighboring properties, walkways, roads and create a park like effect at the same time. Clever landscaping of a terrace, patio or wooden deck and the addition of a swimming pool adds to their attractiveness while providing perfect privacy.
  • Integration – Blending foliage with the driveway create a beautiful first impression of your property. The proportion of grass, trees, shrubs and flower gardens blend and focus attention to a well designed plan.
  • Shade Trees – Carefully plan the placement of trees or existing trees. The proper use of trees can provide varying degrees of privacy. Plant a tree or cluster of trees at the edge of the lawn, so that you get the most benefit from the shade on hot days. Trees should not overhang sun patios or swimming pools, and obscure the sun. Also keep in mind that trees near a pool will result is debris and falling leaves.
  • Soil Levels – Consider grading levels when drawing up your plan. Determine if soil work will be a factor. Do you want the grade level flat or would you prefer a tiered level effect? Flower gardens with more than one level adds dimension to the architectural design of the land. The cost associated with a tiered lawn will naturally be more
  • Soil Drainage – Make sure your lawn or garden area grade level allows proper drainage. Non-level land will lead to standing water, which in turn could damage your lawn or plants

Flower Garden Plans – As with the home interior, flower gardens require carefully laid out plans. Draft a rough layout plan on paper, this gives you a visual interpretation of how your flower gardens will look. Make changes to the plan to achieve the effect to your liking

Planting Steps- The first step in landscaping your property, is to plant shrubs and trees first. Next seed or sod your lawn. Once this is in place, you can over time add trees, plants, shrubs and flower gardens as time allows.