Simple Country Living - Living The Country Life

Country living isn't just for country folks...many city dweller's are adapting a country lifestyle, whether it's in their home decor, small city garden's or actually raising chicken's for food and eggs...

Most everyone's ancestry originated in rural America. How often do you remember visiting your grandparent's who lived in the country...and I imagine if you're like me, these are your fondest childhood memories. These were the times when life was simple and folks lived off the land.

Let it be said; you don't have to live in the the country to enjoy the nostalgia that country life brings. Furnishing your home with country antique artifacts, growing a simple but essential garden to supplement your grocery needs, raise a few chickens, canning home preserves and making your own mayo and butter are just a few of the things that are associated with sustainable living and the country life style...

Often young couples seek the city life in lieu of simple country living. More than often, parents of young children seek to escape the hectic city life and all the distractions that accompany living in the city.

Raising children in the country installs an appreciation for nature and has a lasting affect on their personal life...

Red Farm House & Barn

Beautiful red farm house and red barn

Country Living at it's finest...a peaceful water-well adorns a beautiful red farm house and barn...

Here at Decorating Country Home, we've put together an entire section on Country Living, Farm Life and Sustainable Living...we'll cover topics such as; raising chickens, info on making your own home made butter, growing fruit trees, making jams and jellies, also information on homesteads and growing produce...

Permaculture - The principles of permaculture are sustainable living, self-maintained through agriculture, organic gardening, raising animals and basically living off the land. The epitome of Country Living is sustainable living.

Baby Buff Orpington Chick

Raising Chickens Right

If you've been thinking about raising your own chicks, you'll need to do your homework. Raising chickens can be very fun and rewarding.

There is no comparison in factory raised chicken's and backyard raised chicken's, if done right. The meat and eggs from properly raised chicken is far superior to factory raised chickens. Learn how not to raise backyard chickens.

Country Vegetable Garden

Big Country Gardening

There's no better way to work toward sustainable living than to grow your own garden. You might not be fortunate enough to have the space for a large garden, but don't let that deter your garden plans.

Growing your own vegetables can be done on any scale. Fresh home grown garden vegetables taste better and are more nutritional than store bought vegetables.

I will be adding more sustainable living articles in the near future...stay tuned...and share this page if you like...