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Bathroom Cleaning – Cleaning Tips For Your Bath

Make your Bathroom Cleaning Quick and Easy

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The chore of daily bathroom cleaning becomes much easier If each person using the bathroom assumes his own responsibility for keeping it neat. Try and get everyone in your family who is old enough to wash out the bathtub, flush the toilet, put down the toilet seat, pull the shower curtain out to dry, put the soap back in the dish, hang up towels and washcloths.

Color Coding

In a busy family bathroom, a color coding system is a good idea. A different colored plastic cup and matching toothbrush for each member of the family will reduce confusion. You might even extend the code to include towels.

Toilet Paper

Here is the final authoritative word on the correct way to install a roll of toilet paper: The paper should roll off the front of the roll. You’ll notice that the patterned paper is printed so that the pattern is right side out when it comes off the roll. I ask you would those people get it wrong? Case closed.


If you want to get all the water out of the toilet for a thorough bathroom cleaning job, quickly dump a pail of water into the bowl. It will flush out leaving the bowl empty.

Borax will keep your toilet bowl clean and odor free without adding an unpleasant, antiseptic odor of its own.

Removing Shower Mold

Spray your shower weekly with chlorine bleach. It will keep black mold from creeping between the tiles. Let it stand a few hours and rinse it off before stepping in. Yes, the smell is strong, but it beats those sessions with a toothbrush and tile cleaner.

Shower Curtains

This is the simplest way to clean a plastic shower curtain and cut down on bathroom cleaning time. Put it in you washer alone. Use a high water level. Add 1/2 cup detergent and 1/2 cup water conditioner to remove the soap residue. Wash about 5 minutes. Put a cup of vinegar in the last rinse water and it will dry soft and pliable. Remove and hang to dry.

Get Rid of Bathroom Odors

  • When you want your bathroom to smell heavenly in a hurry, fill the washbasin with hot water and add a few drops of your favorite cologne. Let it stand until you need the washbasin.
  • To dispel any unpleasant odors in the bathroom, keep a spray deodorant within arms reach, or keep a room deodorizer open on a shelf. Or if you don’t have small children, keep your matchbook collection in the bathroom in a handsome dish. Striking a match is like magic! Or burn a candle.

De-fog Mirror

  • To keep mirrors and sliding glass doors from fogging up when running bath water, fill the tub first with cold water, then add hot water.
  • If you take showers though, a quick way to de fog the bathroom mirror is to turn your hand held hair dryer on it. The hot air will blow it clear in a few minutes.

Freshen Drain

Empty 1/4 to 1/2 box baking soda down the drain, then add 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Cover drain tightly for a couple minutes and flush with cold water. This tip is also a great way to clear a stopped up drain.

It is a good idea to keep the following bathroom cleaning supplies, out of children’s reach:

  • scouring powder or cleanser
  • liquid detergent
  • toilet bowl cleaner
  • household disinfectant
  • tile cleaner
  • drain cleaner
  • toilet tissue
  • spray bathroom cleaner
  • toilet bowl brush
  • rubber gloves

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