Shaker Style Decorating - Beautiful Simplicity

The Shaker style approach to decorating is beauty in simplicity, with the use of natural materials and a clean, uncluttered look with deep colors.

Shaker decor is unbroken simplicity which is not difficult to reconstruct. This approach is reflected in a simple eloquence and simple furnishings.

The same beauty and balance is as appropriate today, particularly in the kitchen where each item is useful, and at the same time, attractive to the eye and functional.

This uncomplicated style of decorating draws on beautiful natural color schemes, with distinctive features such as peg boards for display and storage, cupboards and racks in wood and wicker, which can be repeated throughout the whole home to achieve the Shaker decor style.

Harmony and efficiency in all things were reflected in the Shaker approach to home decorating...

Adapting The Shaker Decor Look

shaker kitchen cupboard filled with old herb bottles