Rustic Bathroom Decor

Rustic Bathroom Decorating includes several different categories, such as, farm animal or farm equipment, western, cowboy, southwestern, ranch, cabin and country.

Shop estate sales, flea markets or antique stores for anything that looks hand crafted or is made of natural materials such as a stone or copper bathtub, wash basin, vanities, cabinets or armoires.

Perfect flooring in any of these style bathrooms are natural wooden plank flooring.

Other choices are cork, bamboo, stone and slate. Scattered area rugs woven from natural materials, such as sisal are also popular.

Knotty pine walls are perfect, so if you already have them, don't change them. Other popular walls are stone and bead board. If you are painting, choose rich colors.

Rustic Bathroom Decor

rustic bathroom photo

If your bathroom is ideally located away from outside view, a large open window creates an ideal feeling of tranquility. Window treatments can easily be found in whichever theme you choose and range from shutters to blinds or curtains which can also be found in many decorative themes.

For any theme bathroom you need proper lighting. You can use either chandeliers or other ceiling fixtures, along with vanity lights that can be found in any most any theme you choose to decorate your bathroom in. Some of my favorites are pine branch, pinecone, moose, bear and acorn vanity lights.

Some rustic bathroom decorating accessories are wicker baskets, decorative door and drawer pulls, distressed wooden picture frames, toothbrush, soap and lotions holders, toilet paper holders, candle holders, light switch covers, window curtains, shower curtains and so much more.