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  • Home » Home Decorating » Adding A Patio The addition of a patio has become a more integral part of the house, they are no longer deserted concrete slabs sitting in the back yard. Depending on the state of the concrete and individual preferences there are plenty options possible for transforming existing concrete pads, existing… [Continue Reading]

    Patio –  Adding A Patio – DIY Patio
  • Home » Backyard Deck » Patio Accessories Create a peaceful & tranquil patio area with the perfect patio accessories. Outdoor furniture, fire pit, benches, pots, planters and outdoor rugs. People are treating their backyard deck or patio as an extension of the inside of their home. Some ideas to enhance your patio and add decorative… [Continue Reading]

    Patio Accessories – Deck & Patio Decor
  • Home » The Country Kitchen » Southern Recipes Give me more recipes please! There’s not a day that goes by when someone in my house isn’t asking me “what are we having for supper?” Sometimes it really tries my patience. So I’m always on the hunt for new ideas. It really can become quite a… [Continue Reading]

    Southern Recipes and Good Country Cooking Ideas
  • Home » Country Bathroom Design White is always a popular choice for bathroom decorating. White design themes have a strong traditional emphasis and when used properly create a relaxing atmosphere. It is essential that your bath meets the same strict standards as every other room in your home. Many people neglect the importance of this… [Continue Reading]

    Country Bathroom Decorating Ideas
  • Home » Country Kitchen Design Little touches can make a huge impact in your country kitchen design and one of the least expensive ways to enhance your country kitchen decor is to display your treasures. Build shelves all around your ceiling wall. It can be a little difficult to dust but a little dust won’t… [Continue Reading]

    Country Kitchen Design and the Rustic Country Kitchen