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Window Treatments – Blinds & Shades

A Window…The Focal Point Of Your Room

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window treatments

The window is the focal point of the room, and you should treat them as such, they should flow with the walls, floor treatment, and furniture. When combined with polished floors and warm tones they should offer a subtle way to conjure up an open air feeling in your room. Take for instance the beautiful allure of Country Curtains.

Keep in mind these three questions when choosing what is right for your room.

1. How much natural light do you want to admit into your room?

2. What is the function of the room?

3. Is there a strong architectural style which the treatment should compliment?

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Window Decor

Selecting window dressings is usually the last thing on many new homeowners to do lists once they move into their homes. Other, “more important” decor priorities are dealt with first while blankets and sheets usually suffice to achieve a semblance of privacy for the first few weeks. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Unlined Curtains

These are simple curtains, that are cheap, easy to make and easy to wash. If the right fabricis chosen, these simple curtains will look charming in the kitchen, bathroom or informal bedrooms.These curtains are beautiful when made out of gingham or lace.

Un-gathered Curtains

A great treatment for small windows, is a picture motif or lace with a strong design, hung from a narrow rod or plastic covered wire.

Tie-on Curtains

These are very stylish. The top edge can be left un-gathered when the curtains are drawn, giving them a picture like quality. Tie on curtains are even more interesting if you line them in a contrasting plain color, and use the contrasting fabric for the ties.

Sheer Curtains

This type of curtain will give a room a light airy and romantic feeling to a bedroom or breakfast room.Often one width of fabric is plenty and you can hang them from a pole or drape and tie them very loosely around the pole, finish by tying it back on one end.

Informal Drapes

Curtains can be both informal and dramatic, the secret is to use lightweight fabric that drapes easilyand hang prettily. Use plenty fabric and wind it loosely around pole, drawing it into fold backs or tie backs.

Tie Backs

Tie backs will add a touch of style to formal curtains. You can use a contrasting fabric to your curtains or use thick, rich velvet ropes with tassels.

Blinds, Shutters & Shades

Mini blinds tend to be the type of thing that people forget about. It’s the last thing people buy when decorating their home, but they end up being the most important. These choices can be the first step in establishing the primary look of a decor. People don’t realize how window treatments can totally change the look of their home.

Today’s blinds and shades offer a clean tailored look while softening and diffusing light. They are now made with a wide variety of new fabrics and are available in fashionable colors and patterns.

Horizontal blinds made out of wood, metallic fabric roller shades, embossed vinyl vertical blinds, pleated, cellular and Roman shades, as well as elegant sheer shades highlight a fashionable wave of products that are accenting decors across the country. The major problem people now have is deciding between so many new options. Here are a few examples:

Wood blinds

These are a popular choices for today’s decor as they can match any style and feature excellent insulation and privacy functions.

Roller shades

Streamlined and lightweight in design, they are tightly woven, and as such, cut sunlight, maintain privacy and provide insulation. They are an excellent room-darkening option for the bedroom and well suited for the minimalist decors in vogue today.

Cellular Shades

These give people the simple soft look they’re looking for in their decors while also providing important energy efficient insulating properties Once you select your new blinds and shades you will see your decor take shape before your eyes in a matter of days. So take down your blankets and sheets and start decorating.

Louvered & Paneled Shutters

These may be stationary or adjustable. They are great when made of wood. Shutters can be used to frame a window or they can be set inside the frame in place of curtains. Shutters can be considered informal in style, and they add a cozy feel to a country home.

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Blinds & ShadesThey have vertical or horizontal slats that can be rotated for maximum light and privacy control. The slats can be made from aluminum, wood, or fabric. The slats or material can easily be rotated for your choice of privacy and light control.

With the unique conditions that exist in bathrooms, the use of blinds are the most practical choice.

Window Treatments
You can compliment and create any mood or theme with the correct decor. The task of how to decorate should become a priority.

Visit Country Home Decor – The Art Of Decor for more country decorating ideas.


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