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Vegetable Gardener – How To Plant And Grow Vegetables

Vegetable Gardener

Vegetable Gardeners have many options, when choosing vegetables, they can plant in their garden. farm garden

Having been raised up on a farm, one of my first dreaded jobs was working in the garden. I’m not talking about a few rows but a few acres!

The garden was carefully planned by my grandmother, for it was intended to feed three families, plus the neighborly sharing of the bounty.

Every row was carefully thought out, with each category arranged accordingly. My grandmother would stake each row and hang the seed bag to the stake so there would be no mistaking of which vegetable went where.


Gardening on this scale can be very hard work, but non-the-less, there is nothing better than the taste of garden fresh vegetables. Not to mention the money saved at the super market.

Whether you have space for a large garden or an “Odds and Ends” garden, do your family and yourself a favor by planning a vegetable garden within your means.

Many areas can be used,

  • back yard fences
  • flower beds
  • small back yard area
  • beds along walks and drives
  • near foundation of house or other buildings
  • patios, back porches or balconies
  • garden planters

So even if you live in the city and do not have enough space for a regular garden, there is still hope. No matter how small your outside space is, you can fit in a few garden planters, they are great for more than flowers. In fact, you’ll be surprised at what can be grown in a garden planter.

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