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Country Home Decorating Ideas We would love to hear your suggestions or comments on Decorating Country Home. Are there certain areas of home decorating or home-making that are of particular interest to you?

Decorating Country Home would like to encourage our guest to contribute your own decorating advice or tips. Please use the form below to enter your comments. Notice that an image can accompany comments.

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Suggestions and Comments

As you know, Decorating Country Home is getting a total make-over. We would love to hear from you. Do you have any suggestion on what type of content you would be interested in seeing. Drop us a line, decorating tip, suggestion or a story.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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What colour should I paint my living room/dining room  Not rated yet
My living room/dining room is open concepts and I want to pick a nice colour to make it feel warm and welcoming..any suggestions. Right now it is all painters …

Can you tell me what this item is called?  Not rated yet
I’m not sure what this item is called it looks really nice on a kitchen counter top, their fruit or vegetables stuff or canned inside glass bottles….

LOVE THE NEW LOOK!   Not rated yet
This country living and decorating site has been in my bookmarks for several years. I was amazed when I came to look up a recipe for your famous Cat Head …

Love your country look and feel  Not rated yet
Look I’m a sucker for country decorating, I just love any home that makes me feel like I’m stepping into a hug and the pics on your site do that for me….

“My Cozy Country Home”  Not rated yet
I guess i really don’t have a “story” per say.
I fell in love with Country decorating through my two older sisters. I liked the simplicity, the mood,…

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