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Outdoor living area that has everything

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Outdoor Living Area that Has Everthing


A carefully planned outdoor living area increases your leisure time by decreasing the amount of time required for maintenance of the area. Whether it’s a terrace , patio, lanai, enclosed garden or sunroom, you and your family will get countless hours of enjoyment out of it year round. In the summer it’d the perfect place for entertaining and relaxing; In winter it can be a decorative asset filled with seasonal plants.


Privacy is a big consideration. Landscaping ideas such as, fencing, brick walls, high growing shrubs are all ideal, and can be attractively designed to add to the decorative effect of the yard.

When planning your outdoor living area remember to include lighting facilities for nighttime entertaining and electrical outlets for portable appliances such as bar-be-ques, or musical equipment; you might also want to include step savers such as an intercom system or portable phone.

If you are putting down a paved or tiled floor, remember you can create an unusual effect by leaving planter spaces to be filled with shrubs, greenery and flowering plants. Water gardens , a fish pond or fountain add to the overall appearance, and if you have a green thumb you might try your hand at a miniature Japanese garden.

Outdoor furniture should be durable, lightweight easy to clean and easy to store in the winter months. You can introduce lots of accent colors in cushions, umbrellas, tablecloths and accessories.

A lanai is often the most effective answer to the outdoor living problem. It’s roof gives protection from rain or too much sun, but opens sides preserve all the advantages of outdoor living and entertaining. The basic structure need not be expensive to erect, and you can use wood for the roof with metal or wood supports.

When the lanai is furnished, hung with a few poster prints, and accessories, it can be a “second” living room which all the family can enjoy. Any small yard, terrace, patio or porch can be transformed, at little cost and with the minimum work. All you need is a little imagination and some willing hands.

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