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Lighting Ideas – Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Lighting Ideas – Using Natural Light

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Lighting Ideas to help answer your lighting dilemma, the answer may be in your natural light levels and lighting schemes. Every home will have a unique light level that is dependent upon many things – The way the rooms and windows face, the size and type of windows, the color of the decoration and the density of furniture in the rooms.


The many forms created by natural light are something that we probably notice occasionally, but perhaps don’t fully appreciate. Before spending vast sums of money on elaborate interior design schemes, just carry out your own survey over a few days.

Move furniture and accessories around to see how these simple changes affect the overall theme of your room.

Create new features and try different window treatments, like Venetian blinds or layers of fabric such as fine muslin.

If your budget only allows you to redecorate rather than refurbish, then bear in mind the effects different colors and textures can have on the level of light in a room.

Pale colors are reflective, while dark colors and materials absorb light.

White ceilings reflect light as do cream carpets but dark wooden floors and dark colored walls absorb light and make rooms feel more claustrophobic.

If you have the advantage of rooms full of natural light, by all means take full advantage, and hopefully you have a beautiful view outside your windows, that encourages you to let in all that natural light.

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