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Lawn – Tips For A Beautiful Lawn

Transform Your Lawn Into a Beautiful Garden


Would you love to have a beautiful lawn or flower garden your whole family could enjoy?

Start out small and design your yard a step at a time. Kids love being involved in home projects. So get the family together and lets dig in.lawn

Take a good look at your landscape. Get the family together and put your plans on paper. Get a good idea of how your garden will look.

Small Space Gardens with a variety of sizes, shapes and textures are very effective when used in small yards. A stone path and a bench are lovely in gardens.

A garden for the birds

A garden rich with food sources and nesting sites is an ideal year-round habitat for songbirds.

Viburnum, Cotoneaster and other shrubs produce fruits that are relished by birds through the growing season. Black-eyed susans and Coneflowers offer their seedheads in fall.

Stones, ornamental grasses, and a curving path of stepping stones add to the informal look of the garden.

Be sure to include a source of water; something as simple as a bowl on a bench makes an easy-to-refill birdbath.

Ten Steps To A Healthy Yard

A simple, “preventative maintenance” care plan will keep your yard in top shape all year ’round

Start with a good soil preparation

If you’re starting a new yard, you’ll never regret the investment you make now in improving the soil. Grass grows best in a well-drained blend of sand, topsoil and organic matter several inches deep.

Seed if Necessary

Buying quality grass seed pays off with a thicker growth. Choose a good quality mixture to patch bare spots, or spread overall late in fall or early spring. Lightly rake to ensure the seed contacts the soil, apply a starter fertilizer and water as necessary to keep the lawn from drying out.

Control Crabgrass

Apply a Crabgrass Preventer in early spring to control crabgrass as it starts to germinate.

Control Broadleaf Weeds

Weeds like chickweed, dandelion, plantain, and others compete with grass for soil nutrients… and they usually win.

Water…but only if needed

It wont be a problem if you let the top surface of the soil dry out.

Control insects

White grubs, leather-jackets,chinch bugs, ants, wireworms and many common insects could destroy your lawn if conditions favor them. Try this: Cut off both ends of a coffee can, put half way into the soil, and fill can with water. If more than a couple chinch bugs make their way to the surface, apply a insect control product.

Use the Correct Mower Height

In dry summer weather, let the grass grow up some, then cut with the mower set up higher. In the fall, cut shorter again to avoid giving diseases a place to develop in the foliage.

If you don’t need to control weeds or insects, don’t

Application of a regular lawn fertilizer every 10 to 12 weeks may be all you need to keep your lawn healthy.

Rake leaves so the grass can breathe

Leaves chopped up, will make a great mulch for gardens.

Don’t forget to feed your grass in the fall

It’s one of the most important feedings. For strengthening the lawn for the winter, use a fertilizer with higher potash levels and less nitrogen than a spring fertilizer.

Below is a list of some things you might enjoy in your yard

  • Vines
  • Plants
  • Bulbs
  • Flowers
  • Shrubs
  • Perrenial
  • Annual
  • Pots
  • Planters
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Wind Chimes

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