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Laminate Countertops – What You Need To Know About Laminate Countertops

Why Laminate Countertops are Making a Big Come Back

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laminate countertopsIf you’ve been shopping for new countertops, chances are you’ve been shown the latest in laminate countertops, artificial stone, or even cement.But has anyone explained to you about the advantages of and advancements in the most popular countertop surface today?

A New Appreciation for an Old Standard

Laminate has been a surface of choice for more than 50 years.

The Complex Countertop Decision Process

When consumers get bombarded with todays range of luxury countertop options, they’re likely to be dazzled, then intrigued, then confused.

Its difficult to sort through all the promotional messages and to compare all these new choices, especially when they’re also doing the same thing with cabinetry, faucets, appliances and flooring!

It’s when people get their cost estimates, that they stop in their tracks and collect themselves. They realize that luxury countertops can become an overwhelming share of their construction budget, and could prevent them from getting that custom cabinetry, professional range, or built-in refrigerator they really had their hearts set on.

Laminate Countertops Style and Design

Todays laminate countertops can be thought of in two parts — the visual style of the surface itself, and then the edge treatment. They both offer more options than ever before.

The laminate designs you have to choose from are amazing. You can pick from solid colors, graphics or attractive natural looks. The laminate stone design is not the same as what you saw a few years ago. The manufacturers have upgraded the visual qualities of their designs.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite laminate design, take some time to think about the various ways to edge the top. The edge, gives you options — to integrate the countertop with the backsplash, to upgrade the countertops look, to integrate it into the cabinet scheme, or to set the counter off as a design element all its own. Using the conventional self-edge, people are now adding a custom twist by using laminate or metal, in a different color.

You can also make post formed edges by wrapping the laminate down the front of the top. If you don’t like the dark line along the edge of traditional countertops, you can use a beveled edge, which, when combined with a stone-design laminate, delivers the impact of more expensive granite or marble.

You will see kitchens with the beveled portion of the edge as an accent stripe. This will help tie in any other color from the rooms color scheme.

With Laminate Countertops, You Know What You’re Getting

Another plus offered by laminate — you don’t have to worry about the unpredictable visual variation that comes with granite and marble.

Competitive Pricing

Laminate has always enjoyed a position at the bargain end of the cost spectrum. While under-mount sinks and special edges can add to the final price tag, an upgraded laminate countertop still leaves plenty of room in the budget.

For homeowners seeking the most value-packed combination of easy maintenance, visual style, low price, and durability laminate remains the top choice.

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