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Interior Decorating – 4 Easy Home Decorating Ideas

Interior Decorating…Attaining Space & Balance

interior decorating


Interior decorating doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

One of the first things you should do is plan the room. Concentrate on one room at a time. The final results will be a home that is balanced, beautiful, comfortable and harmonious for the entire family.

To begin the process of interior decorating, let’s identify four concerns:

First: Furnishings must compliment your home in style, size and color.

Second: Your home furniture needs to be harmonious with other pieces, comfortable, possess quality in workmanship and resistant to stains.

Third: Furnishings must meet the requirements for each family member.

Fourth: Home furnishings must fit the family budget. Most everyone lives on a budget. Bearing this in mind..it is more practical to purchase one item at a time, of superior quality, as opposed to furnishing an entire room with furnishings of lessor quality because of budget issues.

The first requirement of interior decorating in a home is that of restfulness, peacefulness and an uncluttered atmosphere. Wall coverings set the background of the room and should be natural or neutral in colors, as this sets the tone, enhancing wall hangings and objects of art.

Floor covering, rugs or hardwood floors should be of a darker shade in contrast to the wall color. Rugs with small intricate designs blend harmoniously with walls, rather than big bold designs that clash for attention. Wall coverings with a figured or striped design should be accented with solid color floor coverings.

Choose wall art that compliments the background colors of your walls. Think of your wall and floor colors as your interior decorating color foundation on which to build on. You never want a floral design sofa that clashes with a floral design rug. Pay special attention to the rooms focal point in your interior design. It is unwise to have too many pictures on any wall. Remember less is more. A single painting or two compliments a wall, as opposed to, too many pictures that tend to look cluttered.

When shopping for home furnishings, don’t be drawn to an item that stands out as elaborate or bold in a showroom. Your goal is to buy furnishings that are comfortable, functional, quality built and that which compliments your families lifestyle and the interior decorating background and color foundation of the room.

A properly furnished room compliments it’s occupants. Furniture should be arranged in order to balance the space. This can be addressed in the placement of sofas, chairs, tables, decorative accessories and wall art. Consider each room as an artist palette, think of your walls as the background and add floors to compliment the wall color your background colors and your flooring choice should compliment your wall color.

Decorative objects should be used sparingly. A few well placed pieces of pottery, bowls, candlesticks and baskets strike a balance when displayed properly. For instance, a couple of candlesticks in brass candle holders on each side of the mantle accented by a smaller piece of pottery in the center. Never group too many pieces together. Large bowls on a small table will be an eye-sore.

A good rule of thumb is to remember “good objects decrease in decorative value when their number increases”.

Interior Decorating Ideas

Home Decorating Ideas That Cost Nothing – There are four things of equal importance in home decorating. They are character (or personality), comfort, function and atmosphere.

Interior Decorating – Perhaps you grew up surrounded by antiques or antique reproductions; you marvel at the craftsmanship and delicious lines of an inherited desk; you’re comforted by the styles staying power and the feeling it creates of living well. Or perhaps you’re just puzzling over how to fit your interior decor with traditional furnishings into a new, larger, or more open home.

Add Flair For Cozy & Comfy Home Decor – A color scheme, an arrangement of accessories, a grouping of paintings and sculpture, collectors’ items, use of mirrors, fabrics and wallpaper can all contribute that special touch of flair to a room.

Home Sweet Home – How many of us know how to make our house into a real home? You may live in a house that is small but with a few practical and simple steps you can make you home into a better place to live in.

Study/Library – Even the smallest space can be turned into a library-study, when that space is used imaginatively. When space is valuable, a wall that combines cabinets, drawers, bookshelves and room for accessories is the perfect solution.

Creating A Room Focal Point – Concentrate on creating a focal point in each room. Makes each room in your home stand out by creating a focal point, maybe the fireplace or entertainment center in your family room or a cupboard, cabinet or rustic table in your dining room.

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