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Handmade Rugs

Handmade Rugs

by Kathryn Graves
(Hudson, WI)

Everlasting Rug Art-Pastel Perfection

Everlasting Rug Art-Pastel Perfection

I am a handcrafting artist with over 30 years of rug making experience producing unique, high quality, vintage-style rag rugs.

My exclusive rectangular pattern for Everlasting Rug Art that provides a very comforting “cushy” feeling under your feet, was developed and perfected over the course of many years. It cannot be purchased or seen in any other crocheted rug.

There are no strings to break and no rubber backing to crumble. The high quality construction makes these rugs exceptionally durable–easy machine wash and dry–truly everlasting!

Design & Fabrication:

The focus of design is on selecting a specific color palette, repeated variegation, and high quality crocheted fabrication.

Crocheted rugs have proven to be more durable than woven rugs or braided rugs, because they are fabricated without warp. As you may know, warp is the string which binds the rug and is woven between the fabric to hold it together. If just one string in the warp breaks, the fabric lets loose and the entire rug begins to unravel.

On the other hand, a properly fabricated and crocheted rug will easily endure many years of wear and machine washing.

Rugs produced by Everlasting Rug Art are labor intensive with lasting quality in mind. Usually all of the material strips are rolled and tacked every 4 to 6 inches to eliminate rough edges and the possibility of fraying–unless, of course, a rough textured look is the desired effect.

Whether your style is vintage, shabby chic, modern, or traditional, Everlasting Rug Art can add a distinctive finishing touch to any room.

I offer a small inventory for sale and also accept custom orders.

Photos of items that are currently available are posted at: EverlastingRugs

(Please note: photos of new twin navy and white runners will also be posted within a few days, so be sure to return from time to time to see new rugs).

Please contact me, if I may be of service in any way.

Thank You.

Kathryn Graves
Hudson, WI
[email protected]

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