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Dining Room – Country Themed Dining Room

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A Dining Room in country decor, invites families to dine together, bond and catch up with each others concerns and activities.

Simply a table and some chairs isn’t very enticing for a family to gather together, but when you add country charm to the room it becomes so inviting you may actually find family members anxious for meal time.

A country style theme is one of the easiest styles to accomplish. It is just so simple to find country objects. Visit yard sales, flea markets and antique stores. Keep eyes peeled for checkered or gingham curtains and table linens, baskets for fruit, pinecones or flowers, braided rugs, pottery and ceramics, clay bowls, antique flower vases and decorative plates.

Country themed Furniture can range anywhere between Farmhouse to French provincial and Rustic to Country Colonial. Furniture sets are usually round or rectangular. Chairs are beautiful with slatted backs and seats.

For flooring, if you have wood floors, you are one step ahead of the game, if not consider laying cherry, maple, pine or oak floors,

For walls, choose a paint color in tones, such as, cream, pale red, barn red, warm yellow, soft gold, apple green, hunter green or cobalt blue. If you have a small space, hanging a mirror will make the room appear larger.

When choosing accents, take note that your table settings are bright, cheerful and attractive. Some popular themes are sunflowers, grapes and roosters. Ornaments should include cupboards, possibly some small cabinets, china, pottery, proper art work, all accented by a delicate designed area or oriental rug.

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