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Often the interior decor-style in many homes is a jumble of styles. This is not necessarily a bad thing but rather one of circumstance, resulting from furniture and accessories acquired along the way that were not consistent to a particular decor-style.

Interior decor styles have many similarities with colors, fabrics, furniture and accessories being the determining factors.

Very often homemakers become dissatisfied with their decor-style. Choosing a particular style and implementing the changes can become a very expensive project. Especially so, if you’re looking at a total interior makeover.

There are several different approaches to enhancing or updating your home interior…

  • A total home interior makeover…
  • Build upon an existing decor-style…
  • Concentrate on individual rooms…
  • Blend several decor-styles with similarities…

When deciding on a decor-style, take a look at each room in your home to determine which objects you presently own that reflect and represent the decor style you wish to obtain.

Certain decor-styles can co-exist together in harmony without clashing. Take for instance; Rustic, Primitive, Traditional, Country and Shaker decor-styles. Each of these styles share many similarities that can blend and exist in perfect harmony.

The most simple way to accomplish a home interior makeover is to “keep what works and discard/replace the rest”. If you love the country-rustic look, you love to collect. One needs only to be a inventive scavenger.

The hallmarks of country decor-style remain the same as always: beauty, simplistic, and a nostalgic yearning for a romantic past that characterizes the classic country look.

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