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Decks – How To Build A Deck

Decks Design and Planning

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Backyard Decks

Decks designing and planning ideas for relaxing outdoor comfort. There aren’t many thing better than inviting friends and family over for a nice backyard cookout. Spring is a great time for this type of backyard entertaining.

Below you will find some helpful tips you should consider when designing your outdoor space

Homeowners — The first step is to consider your environment when choosing the materials you will use. Consider the color and surface texture of the wood. Always take into consideration that pets, children and furniture may scratch the surface. Try to choose material of a quality that scratches can be masked or reduced in appearance.

Entertaining — If you plan to use this space for entertaining, you will want to choose materials that will be low maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying and less time maintaining. Choose a design that will allow easy flow from the deck to the house, including wide stairs to any garden areas or exits. Create an inviting space for family and friends, by choosing decorative planters, benches and other outdoor accessories.

The position of the access to the house is how you determine the height of the deck from ground level, this will also affect the look, design and function of the space.

Choosing Boards — The height from the ground is determined by the position of the access to the house, which will affect the design, function and look. From second story walkouts to low lying areas, choose your material to fit the form and functionality. Manufacturers have traditional 2 by 6 and 5/4 Radius Edge boards as well as a newer 5/4 Tongue and Groove flooring. All boards have their appropriate applications. Proper joist spacing and installation will ensure the board will perform to the best of its ability.

Installer — When choosing a contractor make sure you see previous projects and ask for references you may contact prior to hiring a professional installer. Make sure the contractor has experience with the product you choose, or similar products, to ensure they will be capable of completing the project correctly.

Expectations — Retailers and contractors must set the right expectations of the exterior materials you choose for your building project. After it has been properly installed, be knowledgeable about the product so that you know what to expect in the years to come. All exterior products are subject to wind, sun, rain and snow, make sure when choosing your product that it will endure all of these elements.

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