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Yellow Country Curtains


Country Style Curtains are often the focal point in any room. Yellows and greens are beautiful country colors.

Choosing your Country Curtain Style

There are a few factors to you should consider when deciding on curtains. What style is the room? What is the design of the window? And what is your budget?

If your room is decorated fairly simple then by all means you don’t want to over decorate the windows, a simple lace curtain mounted inside the casing and falling just to the sill would be a fine choice.

If the room is formal you don’t want to under decorate the window, an under decorated window in a formal room will leave the room with an unfinished feeling.

Choosing Fabrics

Gingham And Lace are popular choices for country window treatments.

Gingham is an informal fabric made of cotton that is traditionally found in colors of red and white or blue and white, but can also be found in other colors with white.

Lace is another popular choice for curtain fabrics in a country themed room. It can be found in most any color and length.

Curtains made of damask are made of cotton, linen or wool. They are ideal for a formal room. Velvet fabric is another choice for a formal room,

Beautiful Country Curtains Simply Eloquent Colorful & Pure View our selection of Country Style Curtains

Choosing Colors

The color you choose for your country curtains should match or compliment the main colors in the room.

If your room receives little natural light you can warm it up by using warm colors such as oranges and orange reds. You can make a very sunny room look marvelous by using blues and greens.

The Perfect Finial, Rod and Curtain Hooks

Finials are decorative pieces that fit onto each end of the pole, and can be found in many styles. Make sure you choose a finial that is in the same category as the style of curtains you will be using them with. You will also need to put thought into the type of curtain hooks you will need to ensure the type of curtain or drapes you are hanging hang in the appropriate manner. Poles and rods are another choice to make. You can find wooden poles, metal rods, and slender rods.

Decorating your windows may seem like a difficult task, but with a little fore thought and planning they will certainly bring your room to a pleasing finish.

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