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Country Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Country Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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White is always a popular choice for bathroom decorating. White design themes have a strong traditional emphasis and when used properly create a relaxing atmosphere.

It is essential that your bath meets the same strict standards as every other room in your home. Many people neglect the importance of this room and fail to consider the impression it makes on guests in your home.

It’s probably one of the most used rooms in your home. Why would you not want your bathroom to be any less important than every other room in your home?

The foundation and the basic elements, such as claw foot bath tubs, pedestal sinks, decorative country style accessories and attention to paint schemes all work together to bring your country bathroom into perfect harmony.

The White Country Bathroom Theme

white country bathroom designThere are so many quick and simple country bathroom decorating ideas, that will create a tranquil environment, where we can seclude ourselves even if only for a few minutes.

Some of the things we can do to give them an instant facelift, can range from such things as adding plants, flowers, candles, wicker baskets and curtains designed for country bathrooms.

Punched tin and red clay pots, are two of my personal favorites for a country bathroom decor theme. Some other popular choices are down on the farm, tulips and lilies, coastal cottage, hearts and stars, and country cats.

 A Country Bathrooms Focal Points

Often the most overlooked accessory is the shower curtain. They are often the focal point of the room, and are an excellent guide to choosing the rest of the accessories.

For a country bathroom theme, choosing a shower curtain in a nature theme, is always a great choice or if you prefer solid colors they can range in colors from red, blue, green and yellow.

Painting will give your room an instant facelift, so when choosing the color, make sure it fits your decor theme.

White never goes out of style. But don’t limit your imagination, notice in the bathroom picture below right, how the colors of light green walls, yellow rugs, white sink and cabinet combined with the striped shower curtain creates a traditional country decor.

country bathroom with beadboard

 When choosing a paint color, remember these tips…

  • To make a small room appear larger, paint the walls a light color. White always gives the appearance of a larger space
  • Bright colors will be a great contrast with white fixtures and tiles to make the room bold and cheery. Light greens and yellows are excellent color choices.

Some other ideas you can use with your country theme include choosing new bathroom lighting, adding a new vanity cabinet, changing floor coverings, and adding new accessories. Making all or just one of these changes will make a huge impact on your overall decor theme.

If you decide to purchase new window treatments, whether it’s curtains, shutters or blinds, consider the style of the window. Does it open up and down, slide sideways, or swing in or out? If you want to open and close the windows for air, select window treatments that will not get in the way.

If you live in an area that is private enough the windows may need little or no window treatment.

Another great addition is to simply hang shelves and fill them with small plants such as English ivy or violets etc. etc. Another idea is to hang plants from the ceiling, so that they fall right in front of the window.

If you choose to add blinds, shades or shutters, be sure they compliment the woodwork. I love cafe curtains hanging over bathroom windows, they just seem to add a clean crisp country decor feel to the room.

Flooring in country decor rooms, is preferably natural wood.

It isn’t so great in the bathroom though, because natural wood and water don’t work so well together. The next two favorite choices are ceramic tile and laminate. Laminate hardwood comes in a variety of styles, textures and colors, such as oak, pine and bamboo.

Another easy and inexpensive way to redecorate your country bathroom is to change the light fixtures, faucets and towel bars. Small changes can easily make a huge impact on the bathroom. There are many new styles to choose from so take your time and pick one that fits your style.

A family may plan to stay in their home a lifetime, so comfort, atmosphere and home decor that reflects the families personality is essential. And one of the main attributes to comfort and style is the homey feeling the country bathroom represents.

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