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Bedroom Decor…Decorating a Bedroom

Decorating Country Home Bedroom Decor: Your Peaceful Sanctum

country bedroom Your bedroom decor should please you twenty-four hours a day. It should not only be a restful place to sleep but an inner sanctum where you can escape during the day for an hour of quite and solitude.

It should also be the kind of room where the door can be left open during the day…in other words, an integral part of the total home decor.

Color, lighting, floor covering, walls, drapes, bedspread and upholstery are key ingredients in the bedroom decorating scheme. All help to create mood, comfort and relaxation.


The bed is the essential piece of furniture followed by night tables, chest of drawers, a dressing table, storage units if closet space is limited.

If you are lucky enough you will have room for a small sofa or chaise. The same applies to a vanity or dressing table which can sometimes be fitted into the bathroom.

Creating a comfortable sitting room corner in your bedroom is simple: you need a comfortable chair or chaise, a writing table or a desk, a lamp and lovely bedroom accessories like a vase of flowers, a painting and family photographs.

Carpeting on the floor is the most obvious way to create a feeling of luxury and comfort. Rich fabrics, bright colored or pastel pretty, underscore the mood of harmony as does lighting.

They should never be harsh, and should always be strategically placed for reading in bed or in a chair, or for working at the writing desk.

Headboards and backboards give the simplest rooms a more furnished look in bedroom decor. They can be used as storage shelves, simply decorative or both. Style, materials used and scale are of prime importance.

Your backboard must be in keeping with the general look of the room, the material used must blend with the total decor and the size and scale of the backboard must be perfectly balanced with the bed. If it is too small or too large it will look out of place.

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