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Are your ready to update your existing bathrooms? Every room in our home is a reflection of our individual style, and the bathroom is not an exception. This is the one room in the home that can look run down and drab very easily.

So what if you have a limited budget to make changes? Well there’s plenty you can do for very little money that will totally improve the decor.

One of the biggest problems in our bathrooms is their tendency to get cluttered. The vanity tends to collect bath and other grooming products, dirty towels get hung up wherever, and dirty clothes get left on the floor. So if you want to make a change to this room, first things first, give it a thorough cleaning organize the clutter and add some decorative accessories.

Get the bathroom organized, luckily this is a very inexpensive and easy thing to do. It is easy to find organizational products for just about any use you may have. Baskets are pretty cheap and work great, you can easily store your most often used products within easy reach.

If you put these baskets in areas that are convenient, most of the time your family will put items back in their place after use. If you make the storage spot difficult to access, they will fall back into the habit of putting it back down wherever they can find a place for it.

Next, install extra towel racks so that there is a towel rack easily accessible from most anywhere in the bathrooms. Extra towel holders mean that even used towels will have their own spot to be hung instead of just left lying over the tub or shower rod or stall door.

Another advantage of having extra towel holders is that you have one to hang your color coordinated towels on. A hamper for those dirty clothes is another great addition. Choose colors or patterns that will really enhance the appearance of the room and highlight the colors in your design.

Lighting is a fairly inexpensive way to begin changing your decor. Keep in mind, when shopping for lighting that overhead lighting is best for makeup application.

Another simple and easy way to change the appearance of any room is the flooring. If you don’t like your floor, change it. Most bathroom floors are fairly small and so not much material is needed. There are several options that you can choose from including Pergo, ceramic tile, vinyl sheets, or vinyl tile squares.

If you want something quick and easy, stick-on vinyl tiles are probably the way to go. You can get them at local home improvement stores and they are usually very inexpensive too, and you can get some great looking designs that look very close to actual ceramic tile.

Using a small cutter to trim the tiles when needed or shape them around an object on the floor, you are ready to go. If you make a mistake, simply pull up that tile, throw it away and use another one. Easy and Simple!

By implementing small changes, such as new door knobs and drawer pulls on your vanity and closet doors, and by changing the shower curtain and shower curtain accessories, you will have made great strides in changing that tired, old, cluttered room into one that makes you proud to show it off, and a pleasure to use.

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