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Dessert baking tips.

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Baking Desserts


Buy at Art.com Dessert baking tips you wont have to go to culinary school to learn! Perfect your baking skills for pies, cakes and cookies.


Perfect Cookies

Cookie dough that is to be rolled is much easier to handle after it has been refrigerated for 10 to 30 minutes. This keeps the dough from sticking, even though it may be soft. If not done, the soft dough may require more flour and too much flour makes cookies hard and brittle. Place on a floured board only as much dough as can be easily managed.

Flour the rolling pin slightly and roll lightly to desired thickness. Cut shapes close together and add trimmings to dough that needs to be rolled. Place pans or sheets in upper third of oven. Watch cookies carefully while baking in order to avoid burned edges. When sprinkling sugar on cookies, try putting it into a salt shaker to save time.

Perfect Pies

  • Pie crust will be better and easier to make if all the ingredients are cool.
  • The lower crust should be placed in the pan so that it covers the surface smoothly. Air pockets beneath the surface will push the crust out of shape while baking.
  • Folding the top crust over the lower crust before crimping will keep juices in the pie.
  • In making custard pie, bake at a high temperature for aboout 10 minutes to prevent a soggy crust. Then finish baking at a lower temperature.
  • When making cream pie, sprinkle crust with powdered sugar in order to prevent it from becoming soggy.

Perfect Cakes

  • Fill cake pans two-thirds full and spread batter into corners and sides, leaving a slight hollow in center.
  • Cake is done when it shrinks from the sides of the pan or if it springs back when touched lightly with the finger.
  • After removing a cake from the oven, placeit on a rack for about five minutes. Then, the sides should be loosened and the cake turnedout on a rack in order to finish cooling.
  • Icing will remain where you put it if you sprinkle cake with powdered sugar first.


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